Monday, May 16, 2011

Enlightenment Is Not Complex

There is a higher state of consciousness beyond the mind-chatter of our ordinary egoic human consciousness and the sense of suffering it engenders. It is in attaining to this higher state of consciousness, to a state of consciousness beyond the ordinary perceptive and conceptive mind, that one frees oneself from the anxieties, depressions, petty fears and annoyances that perpetually plague us. But how willing are we, really, to give up our perceptions about what we, life and the world are all about?

"Most of us want to feel better, we don't want to see that we are misperceiving things," says neo-Buddhist teacher, Adyashanti. "But that is the core of spirituality," he notes, "and the only way to really wake up is to realize that the way you perceive yourself may not be true."

"There is no such thing as a true belief," he observes. "Reality itself is simple, clear and unitary. There is nothing mysterious about it. The mystery all has to do with misperception."

"When we really start to wake up from our misperceptions, we realize reality isn't mysterious. Life isn't a big mystery. It's not really an overly complex thing. Freedom isn't complex. Enlightenment isn't complex. It is actually the opposite. It is the most simple thing. It is the most simple perception," Adyashanti notes.

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